Tarazzu Premium Tea


Zesty Lemon

Fusion of lemon and various mediterranean citrus fruits for more spice up


Fuzzy Peach

Fruity, softly sweet and fragrant peach with delicate floral undertones


Summer Berries


Balanced blend of mix berries give vibrant and bold taste


Blissful Serai

Delicate meyer lemon taste with slight hint of sweet ginger and very aromatic floral fragrance



 Elegant Matcha Tea


Professional formulated using high quality ingredrents through meticulous procedures. It has signatures of richness, smoothness and fresh aroma with hints of tea tree oil and chlorophyl 


Vanilla Frappe Base

Has natural taste of fresh milk, candied vanilla and ice-cream textures after blending with ice. It is perfectly compatile with any kind of fruit, syrup and puree to prepare smoothies on your table. Coffee espresso can be blended as well to prepare iced-blended coffee or frappe